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Tony Abbott confuses local swimmer for a boat and goes in for the kill.


he’s died for us more often after all.


sometimes i think about some of the dark themes explored in one piece and the awful things that happen in the one piece world like the racism and the goverment-endorsed slavery and the really gross mentality of superiority of the world nobles and i start to think that this series is way more serious than it first appears

but then




He’s just mad because he can’t acquire all the apple juice that I’m acquiring. (x)

That is a very powerful story. Also, that really is an incredible price on apple juice.

cute usopp ~

M a g i  ⤑ Art by 『sugu_nadya




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Ah yes, the great emu war. The one war Australian kids actually want to learn about in history class

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One Piece 757: Trump Card

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Volume 2



there are a lot of different type of mangakas, but then we have Sorachi Hideaki, who forgets to draw the second most popular character on his series who was theoretically in scene during the whole chapter, and so then names the fucking chapter “Hijikata crosses into the mayonnaise line and disappears”



it’s really funny bc like listening to english majors talk about their classes or projects theyre really articulate and they use complex words and stuff and it’s very prestigious sounding and then you listen to science majors and if theyre just talking amongst themselves it sounds more like “yeah i put the compound in the thing and honestly i was hoping for a little boom but all i got was a sizzle i dont know what i did wrong.”

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